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MT bPro-U2 Series

bPro U2 Series

bPro scales provide robustness and maximum reliability which meet all your daily operations. Reciept and label printing, networking, multiple 
interfaces and easy operation make bPro a reliable partner for thriving businesses.

Compact or with upper keyboard bPro is a professional solution for budget conscious retailers that need robust high level performance. Its 66 MHZ strong processor provides the power to deliver detailed management reports and supports all activities a growing business needs. bPro integrates scanners and cash drawer, in one system. Networking up to ten scales allows businesses to take advantage of the floating operator functionality to maximise service speed.  Optional wireless communication enables easy positioning in your store surrounding without excessive cabling.   Light touch keyboard upgrades support the highest ease of use. The bPro design is fully compatible with requirements of harsh retail environments. It withstands strong fluctuations in temperature and humidity, dust and dirt and vibrations, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance costs.  
Features and Benefits
  • Robust Construction – Made to do the job
  • Excellence in printing – Speed meets quality 
  • Modern Networking –   Quick customer service guaranteed 
  • Exclusive design – Enhancing your store image       

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